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AutoAuditorium System for Televising Presentations
System Benefits

AutoAuditorium Systems . . .  Top    . . . Are Extremely Easy to Use    . . . Cost Very Little To Operate    . . . Are Simple To Operate    . . . Do Not Interfere With The Presentation    . . . Quickly Return Your Investment   

AutoAuditorium Systems . . .

. . . Are Extremely Easy to Use

Any lecture-style auditorium presentation can be video recorded or telecast at a moment's notice.  Because the system is permanently installed in the room, it is immediately available.  It can be setup in a few minutes; shutdown in less. 

Because one switch turns the system on and off, the steps to record a presentation are

  1. throw a switch,
  2. insert a DVD,
  3. press RECORD.

Connecting to a video network can also be as simple as pushing a button. 

. . . Cost Very Little To Operate

Because the system is completely automatic, an AutoAuditorium program costs much less than one done in a TV studio or produced using a remote production crew.  The experience of one company using an AutoAuditorium System was that the money saved by not making 6 remote productions in a year paid for the system.  After that the cost is just the price of a DVD and/or a distribution network. 

Other organizations may find that reduced travel expense or employee productivity improvements quickly pays for the system.  Some may assign a value to improved communications by asking questions like:

. . . Are Simple To Operate

Because there is no post production, programs can be watched in real time, and recordings are ready for distribution as soon as the program concludes.

There are fewer things to go wrong because there are:

Because the Director never gets distracted, called away or tired, it always responds quickly to program changes.  For example, when the presenter puts up a new slide, it is put in the program immediately. 

Likewise, since audio mixing is automatic and doesn't require someone to turn up the correct volume control, remote audiences hear every word. 

Because the presenters' slides are captured with a camera, any form of presentation graphic works: any type of computer projection, 35 mm slides, overhead foils, or whatever.  If it is readable on the screen, the remote audiences can read it.

(But remember, an AutoAuditorium system will not make a poor presentation better. The image quality is only as good as the cameras and transmission channel can produce. If people at the back of the room have trouble reading the slides because of fonts, point sizes, color choices, etc. the people watching the AutoAuditorium video will have trouble also.)

. . . Do Not Interfere With The Presentation

Because there is no crew, nor portable equipment, the telecast does not disrupt the presentation. 

The system is unobtrusive when in use because the cameras and microphones are placed so as not be be in anyone's sight line.  The local audience and the presenter forget about them. 

And because the system is unobtrusive when not in use, the auditorium still functions as an ordinary meeting room. 

. . . Quickly Return Your Investment Through Frequent Use

Because the it is easy economical to use, the system is used often.  Thus programs are recorded or telecast that would have been considered too unimportant to be worth the cost.  One company, in the first year they used the AutoAuditorium System, produced 40% more recorded presentations without any increase in staff.

And, finally, because many more programs are recorded and telecast, many more people can avoid the cost and inconvenience of traveling to presentations, or missing them because of a schedule conflicts.  The result?

How much can you save?  Put your numbers into the Savings Calculator and see for yourself.

For some specific examples of AutoAuditorium savings, go to AutoAuditorium Systems Save Money When . . .

To see the AutoAuditorium system in action, go to our Video Demonstration Page

For answers to the Frequently Asked Questions, see our FAQ Page

To ask us a question, use our Contact Us

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