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AutoAuditorium System for Televising Presentations
AutoAuditorium Systems Save Money When . . .

On this page:   Avoid Traveling    Avoid Schedule Conflicts    Use Scarce Resources Effectively    Use Talents Effectively    Record All Talks   

. . .  People wishing to see presentations avoid traveling.

In a geographically dispersed organization, it is easy to see that keeping people out of cars, hotel rooms, and airplanes can quickly save travel dollars. 

But they also save "looking-out-the-window" time.  For example, some years ago there was a talk in our southern location, and about a dozen people from the northern office got into cars, drove 70 miles to the one-hour talk, and then drove back.  That meant 2, maybe 3, hours of looking-out-the-windshield for 1 hour of productive time. 

The following week, there was a talk at the north location, in the AutoAuditorium room, and the people down south simply went to one of their larger conference rooms, maybe a 5 minute walk, to attend via telecast. 

And Time Zones are your enemy.  Everytime someone has to travel across time zones to see a presentaion not only is there all the actual travel time, but also that they arrive out-of-sync with the local schedule.  It is hard to be at your best when your internal clock keeps complaining.

How much does avoiding travel save?  Enough to justify your AutoAuditorium investment.  Put your numbers into the Savings Calculator and see for yourself.

. . .  People avoid having to choose when schedules conflict. 

Time and again we've heard stories of people being "saved" by the AutoAuditorium System.  A presentation conflicted with some other need.  Knowing that an AutoAuditorium recording would be available meant not having to choose.  Just deal with the need that required personal presence, and then "attend" the presentation when convenient. 

The Savings Calculator also will show you how quickly that value adds up.

. . .  Scarce resources are stretched too thin.

Time and again we have heard stories of someone running the cameras for a lecture recording when the pager went off.  "I had no choice but to just set on a single shot and go deal with the emergency.  It was half-an-hour before I could get back.  The customers of the recording weren't happy, but what could I do?"

The AutoAuditorium System never gets preempted by emergencies.  Nor does it get sick, go on vacation, quit, get fired, or forget to show up.

. . .  Talented people get to do what they do best.

Most auditorium lectures are deadly-dull for the people who must produce video recordings.  When the production crew does not understand the material, or would rather be elsewhere, the resulting program suffers.  The audiences who watch it suffer also.

. . .  You make recordings of talks which wouldn't even be considered before.

When an AutoAuditorium System is installed, every presentation given in that room is fair game.  The system can be made available to everyone who books the room.  One customer tells us that their AutoAuditorium lecture hall "sometimes makes 7 recordings in a 5-day work week.  And why not?  A recording costs next-to-nothing, our customers are happy, and we look good!"

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