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AutoAuditorium System for Televising Presentations
Video Demonstration FAQ

On this page:   Is the laptop connected?    Where is the fourth camera?    Is it following sound?    Is it following the wireless microphone?   

A few notes and explanations about the AutoAuditorium Video Demonstration in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Is the AutoAuditorium System connected to the laptop computer that is creating the visuals on the screen?

No.  The AutoAuditorium System has a camera pointed at the projection screen.  It analyzes that image to determine when to show the screen, and when other shots are used. 

Elsewhere on the web site you say that AutoAuditorium Systems have four cameras.  Do I only see three different shots? 

Yes.  The three camera shots are: Because the video is short, the fourth camera was not used.  In the room where the video was made the fourth camera has a fixed shot from behind the lectern pointed towards the seating area.  Normally that shot is used for a few seconds every once in a while to keep the shots from being too repetitive. 

Isn't the Tracking Camera following the sound of the person speaking? 

No.  The Tracking Camera is only following the motion of the person on the stage. 

Isn't the Tracking Camera following the wireless microphone the speaker is wearing? 

No.  The Tracking Camera only follows motion.  In some installations the wireless microphone is seldom used because the ceiling microphones do such a good job.  Not all installations can operate just on ceiling microphones, but those that can frequently do.

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