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Press Release - May 4, 2012

The AutoAuditorium System Also Captures Chalkboards Talks

The Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery (BIRS) is using their new high definition AutoAuditorium™ System, to webcast and record as many as 20 presentations a week.  BIRS is the first to use a new AutoAuditorium capability that captures presentations given entirely on chalkboards.  Of course there are presentations that use a laptop and projector, but many presenters also go to the chalkboards to elaborate on some point.  The BIRS AutoAuditorium System has been customized to smoothly transition from one mode of presentation to the other. . . .

Press Release - October 6, 2010

University of Michigan Installs Another AutoAuditorium System

The University of Michigan at Flint has added a second AutoAuditorium™ System, next door to the one they installed in 2006.  It is a key component of their Cyber Classrooms which combine traditional classroom instruction with distance learning.  Students of courses taught in those rooms can choose to attend each class session in-person or watch a video of it or both as their daily circumstances require.  . . .

Press Release - October 1, 2010

First High Definition AutoAuditorium System Installed

The first installation of a High Definition AutoAuditorium™ System is up and running in Cambridge Massachusetts.  "The Broad Institute upgraded their standard definition single Tracking Camera system installed in 2007 to a full production system with three HiDef cameras, direct projector image input and a HiDef video mixer operating in the HD 1080i format," . . .

Press Release - September 10, 2008

AutoAuditorium Recordings Help Improve Student Performance

The AutoAuditorium™ System installed at the University of Michigan at Flint is a key component of their Cyber Classroom.  A recent conference paper concludes that "student outcomes from classes taught in the Cyber Classroom show a one-half point mean grade improvement, a 36% increase in honors grades, and a 56% reduction in failures."  . . .

Press Release - September 24, 2007

400 AutoAuditorium Lectures Recorded at the University of Michigan

The AutoAuditorium™ System, at the University of Michigan at Flint (UM Flint) got a lot of use during its first year.  "Over 400 lectures from 19 courses taught by 6 professors were recorded since it was installed", . . .

Press Release - October 15, 2006

AutoAuditorium Systems installed at MIT and University of Michigan

AutoAuditorium™ Systems, are now in use at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Michigan at Flint (UM Flint).  "These two schools use their AutoAud Systems somewhat differently, but they both make lectures available to audiences distant in space and/or time", . . .

Press Release - February 1, 2006

AutoAuditorium Systems Celebrate 6 Years at IBM Research

The first two commercial AutoAuditorium™ Systems, both at IBM's Watson Research Center, celebrated 6 years of use in early in 2006.  "Along with their third System, installed in 2001, they produced 223 AutoAuditorium programs during 2005," . . .

Press Release - January 6, 2004

AutoAuditorium System Videos Grow 54% at IBM Research in 2003

IBM Watson Research used their three AutoAuditorium™ Systems, to produce 233 video programs of classes, lectures and seminars during 2003.  "That's 78% of all the video productions they made last year, . . .

Press Release - June 9, 2003

AutoAuditorium System Videos at IBM Research Grow 22% in 2002

The three AutoAuditorium™ Systems, at IBM Watson Research produced 151 video programs of classes, lectures and seminars during 2002.  "That's a 22% growth over the 123 programs they made in 2001, and they tell me they made 105 AutoAuditorium videos in the first five months of 2003," . . .

Press Release - May 6, 2002

Boeing Research Uses the AutoAuditorium System to Span the Miles

Boeing Phantom Works, the advanced research and development unit of The Boeing Company, is now using the AutoAuditoriumTM System to send technical presentations from their Seattle location to other sites around the US.  "They are sending talks, shot and edited automatically, in real time, over their network to labs in Southern California, Mesa Arizona, St. Louis, Huntsville, and Philadelphia," . . .

Press Release - December 7, 2001

AutoAuditorium Systems Produce Videos for IBM's e-Seminar Service

There are now three AutoAuditoriumTM Systems, in use at IBM Watson Research . . .

Press Release - October 25, 2001

AutoAuditorium Tracking Camera Covers Several People At Once

The AutoAuditoriumTM System Tracking Camera Algorithms have been improved to follow more than one person at a time, automatically. "The technology is still free of targets, controls, and magic colors, but now it understands how to handle additional people on stage," . . .

Press Release - June 1, 2001

Automatic Video Production System Pays For Itself Quickly

Foveal Systems, LLC, has released performance data, citing results from a customer's usage of the AutoAuditoriumTM System. "They are seeing substantial economic benefits from their installations," . . .

Press Release - June 14, 2000

IBM Research Installs Second AutoAuditorium System

Foveal Systems, LLC, announced it has completed installation of IBM's second AutoAuditoriumTM System, at the T. J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York.  "This one has a special dual-use capability.  Since the auditorium can be split to make two smaller meeting spaces the AutoAuditorium System accommodates both the entire room or one of the divided sections," . . .

Press Release - April 11, 2000

IBM Is First AutoAuditorium Customer

Foveal Systems, LLC, announced it has completed installation of an AutoAuditoriumTM System, at IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center in Hawthorne, New York.  "This is Foveal's first commerical installation of an AutoAuditorium System, and it is great to have IBM Research as the first customer," . . .

Press Release - November 22, 1999

Foveal Systems Sells The AutoAuditorium System

Foveal Systems, LLC, announced that it is now selling the AutoAuditoriumTM System, the fully automatic, multi-camera system that produces videos of auditorium presentations without an operator.  "After ten years of research, development and refinement, we are now making this technology available," . . .

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