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Date   October 15, 2006
Contact   Michael Bianchi
Voice   +1 973 822-2085
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AutoAuditorium Systems installed at MIT and University of Michigan

AutoAuditorium™ Systems, are now in use at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Michigan at Flint (UM Flint).  "These two schools use their AutoAud Systems somewhat differently, but they both make lectures available to audiences distant in space and/or time", said AutoAuditorium System inventor, Michael Bianchi. 

The AutoAuditorium System installed at MIT is an addition to the existing distance education production facility in Room 9-057.  MIT has been sending operator-produced real-time lectures to students half a world away over Internet-2 networks for several years.  Because there is a human operator, the remote students have the ability to ask questions in real-time during the class.  MIT added the AutoAuditorium Tracking Camera to the existing facility to lighten the operator work load.  The Tracking Camera follows any person or people on stage making pan, tilt and zoom adjustments automatically.  The AutoAuditorium Director (which can edit a multi-camera program in real-time) is also part of the installation, allowing the possibility of fully automatic production of lectures if need be.

The usage of the AutoAuditorium System in the Murchie Science Building at the UM Flint is somewhat different.  The lectures are only available as computer video recordings, but are available to anyone.  A student missing a lecture is given access to the projected slides and the recorded professor.  Since most of the students at UM Flint are commuters to class, and many are employed, the ability to see a missed period helps people to hear all the material, even under demanding time constraints.  One of the advantages of using the AutoAuditorium System is it is easy to record ALL the lectures of a course.  Now all those people who miss classes, for whatever reason, have the ability to catch up.  The System is turned on and off with a single switch, so the professor has very little to do; turn the System on, start the recording, stop the recording, turn the System off.

"Interest in using the AutoAuditorium System to make classes available to remote audiences, whether remote in distance, or remote in time (or both) is growing in academic institutions.  The transmission and storage technology have grown to the point that they are very economical", said Foveal Systems' Bianchi. "The AutoAuditorium System also makes the video production economical.  The result is the marginal cost of capturing the next lecture is very small."

Foveal Systems LLC of Madison New Jersey develops and markets the AutoAuditorium System.  "AutoAuditorium" is a trademark of Telcordia Technologies used under license.

Where does the name FOVEAL come from?
The fovea is the most sensitive part of the eye, where we see with the greatest clarity.  
Foveal Systems' products are based on computer vision technology, so . . .  

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