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190 Loantaka Way
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Date   June 9, 2003
Contact   Michael Bianchi
Voice   +1 973 822-2085
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AutoAuditorium System Videos at IBM Research Grow 22% in 2002

The three AutoAuditorium™ Systems, at IBM Watson Research produced 151 video programs of classes, lectures and seminars during 2002.  "That's a 22% growth over the 123 programs they made in 2001, and they tell me they made 105 AutoAuditorium videos in the first five months of 2003," said AutoAuditorium System inventor, Michael Bianchi.  "That's about one every business day.  If they keep that up, they could reach 250 for all this year."

The AutoAuditorium System is the fully automatic, multi-camera system that produces videos of presentations without a crew.  It captures on video, either as a recording or telecast, presentations made in classrooms, lecture halls or auditoriums.  Since the AutoAuditorium System is fully automatic and has no human controls once it is turned on, there are fewer impediments to making videos of practically every event given in those rooms. 

IBM uses their AutoAud Systems to create digital recordings delivered by IBM's VideoCharger Servers at all eight IBM Labs locations around the world.  "Their AutoAuditorium-equipped rooms range from a 35 seat class room, to a 110 seat lecture hall, to their large 300 seat auditorium.  On occasion they have AutoAuditorium programs going in all of them!" Bianchi added.  "Because each system is a permanent part of the room, it can be ready to use at a moment's notice.  That means scheduling overhead is minimized; if you have the room you can have a video.  And that means any IBM researcher can see the talk.  Those in near-by time zones can see the talk as it happens via simulcast, and everyone has access to the recordings.  Imagine what that means for world-wide collaboration when everyone has access to all those presentations!"

Foveal Systems LLC of Madison New Jersey develops and markets the AutoAuditorium System.  "AutoAuditorium" is a trademark of Telcordia Technologies used under license.

Where does the name FOVEAL come from?
The fovea is the most sensitive part of the eye, where we see with the greatest clarity.  
Foveal Systems' products are based on computer vision technology, so . . .  

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