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Press Release
For Immediate Release

190 Loantaka Way
Madison NJ   07940-1910

Date   June 1, 2001
Contact   Michael Bianchi
Voice   +1 973 822-2085
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Automatic Video Production System Pays For Itself Quickly

Foveal Systems, LLC, has released performance data, citing results from a customer's usage of the AutoAuditoriumTM System. "They are seeing substantial economic benefits from their installations," said Foveal Systems owner, Michael Bianchi.  The completely automated video production system creates 3- or 4-camera videos of auditorium talks while avoiding the costs of a production crew. "The system requires no director, no engineers and no camera operators. Making a recording can be as easy as putting a tape into a VCR and pushing one button. All camera motion and video switching is then automatic and performed in real-time."

Bianchi cites the experience of a research laboratory with locations in New York state. "Their two main auditoriums each have an AutoAuditorium System, and they have seen a substantial increase in the number of recorded talks and presentations. For example, in the first quarter of 2001, a total of 50 programs were produced using 3 cameras. The AutoAuditorium System recorded 47 of those programs using an intelligent Controller that takes the place of a production crew. I estimate that the cost of contract professionals to produce those 47 programs would have exceeded $80,000, which means the system pays for itself quickly."

Bianchi elaborated: "Our customers say that many talks cannot justify the expense of a professional crew. They either use a camcorder at the back of the room, which usually results in a poor program, or just don't record the talk at all. An AutoAuditorium System delivers 3- or 4-camera productions at a small fraction of the traditional cost."

"However, the benefit of using this system is not just cost avoidance. It enables communications that otherwise would not have taken place", added Bianchi. In addition to videotape, the company's corporate video-on-demand service encodes the AutoAuditorium programs into Internet streaming media, which helps employees work around scheduling conflicts or travel restrictions and yet obtain the information they would have missed. And employees in other countries have access to presentations they would not have seen before. "A presentation may be intended for a small, very specialized audience that is scattered around the globe. It is now possible to serve that audience in a more timely manner at considerably less cost," said Bianchi.

Foveal Systems, located in Madison, NJ, makes the AutoAuditorium Controller and sells through established audio-visual systems integrators.

Where does the name FOVEAL come from?
The fovea is the most sensitive part of the eye, where we see with the greatest clarity.  
Foveal Systems' products are based on computer vision technology, so . . .  

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